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What are the precautions for purchasing a diving led flashlight?

What are the precautions for purchasing a diving led flashlight?


Diving led flashlight is an essential equipment for night dive. When diving during the day, if deep dive or poor light, led flashlight can also come in handy. What are the precautions for purchasing a diving led flashlight?In addition, when photo photography becomes a trend, in order to restore the color light in the water, the diving photography flashlight has become one of the increasingly indispensable diving equipment. Then, when purchasing a diving flashlight, you should pursue the brand effect, follow the advice of your friends, or pay more attention to the affordable price. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy a diving led flashlight:

Diving led flashlight

First, the brightness selection Lumen, is the physical unit that describes the luminous flux, and the brightness of the flashlight is no exception. 1 lumens are particularly bright, the expression is more complicated, interested can be Baidu, popularly speaking, a 40-watt ordinary incandescent bulb, its luminous efficiency is about 10 lumens per watt, so it can emit about 400 lumens of light.

So when it comes to choosing a diving flashlight, how many flashlights should we choose? This is a very broad question. The depth of the dive, the purpose and the technique are all factors in choosing the brightness. And the brightness is also divided into concentrated illumination and astigmatism. In general, entry-level diving flashlights, 700-1000 lumens flashlights can meet the basic needs, if it is night dive, deep dive, hole dive, etc., you need higher brightness. 2000-5000 lumens can be. More enthusiasts of the enthusiast level like 5000-10000 lumens, which is high-end demand, very bright, for any purpose.

In addition, the same lumens, the purpose of concentrating and astigmatism is completely different, concentrating is mostly used for long-range illumination, while astigmatism is only close-range, wide-range illumination, mainly used for photo photography.

Second, diving flashlight waterproof performance: waterproof is the first guarantee of diving flashlight, no waterproof, simply can not talk about diving products, diving flashlight waterproof mainly involves the body seal and switch structure, the market diving lights, basic It is an ordinary silica gel rubber ring. In a short time, it can achieve the waterproof function. However, due to the poor elastic repair ability of the silicone rubber ring, it is susceptible to high and low temperature, and has poor acid and alkali corrosion resistance. It is used several times, if not When it is replaced in time, it will lose its sealing effect and cause water seepage.

Third, diving led flashlight switch: a lot of diving can use flashlight, always show off the so-called “magnetic switch”, for the “player” playing the flashlight, this is a very cool selling point. The magnetic control switch, as its name suggests, uses a magnet to change the magnitude of the current by magnetic, on or off, but the magnet has a very large instability, the magnet itself will be eroded by seawater, and the magnetism will slowly weaken for a long time. The sensitivity of the switch will also decrease. At the same time, the most deadly weakness of the magnetic switch is that it is easy to salt or sand in the seawater, causing the switch to be unable to move, resulting in the failure of the switch. Another point to note is that the earth itself is A larger magnet generates a magnetic field, which also has a more or less effect on the magnetron switch! Especially in the case of photo shooting, the impact is very large.

Excellent diving flashlights are commonly used in thimble mechanical switches. The advantages of this switch are obvious, the button operation is safe, sensitive, stable, and highly directional. In the case of large deep water pressure, the operation can still be stably converted. Especially suitable for photo photography. However, the price of diving lamps of foreign brands is high.

Fourth, diving led flashlight battery life For night diving, it is necessary to turn on the lights before the launch, the battery life within 1 hour is not enough. Therefore, pay attention to the battery and endurance of the diving flashlight when purchasing. The dip flashlight’s power indicator can be used to avoid the sad situation of running out of power in the middle of the dive. In general, a 18650 (actual capacity 2800-3000 mAh), the brightness is about 900 lumens, and can be used for 2 hours. And so on.

When choosing a flashlight, you should not only focus on brightness, brightness and battery life are inversely proportional. If it is also a 18650 lithium battery, indicating 1500-2000 lumens, and can be used for 2 hours, there is absolutely error. There must be a mistake in brightness and battery life.

Five, diving led flashlight price considerations Diving light market is in the rapid development stage, but far from mature. Basically, foreign brands are high, and entry-level 800 lumens are about 700. 2000 lumens of photo photography lights are around 2500 and above. The domestic brands have not yet formed a scale, the price is very chaotic, and some even more than 100, even dozens of dollars of so-called diving lights. Those flashlights are considered to be waterproof at best, and they are not suitable for diving lights.

Sixth, product after-sales service Diving flashlight is a relatively sophisticated equipment, and its after-sales service is crucial. The frequency of diving flashlights is not high. If used properly, it will be fine for several years. Therefore, the length of the warranty period is also an important factor in purchasing a diving flashlight. A lifetime warranty will solve your worries.