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Notes When Camping By Sea

Notes When Camping By Sea


camping flashlight

Camping by the sea is a beautiful thing, and building a castle on the beach and sunbathing are all very enjoyable things. Beach camping is good, but you should also pay attention to various issues, so as not to affect the wonderful spirits.

1. Protect your skin from the sunshine
The reason why sunscreen is talked first is because it is easy to be overlooked. A lot of friends are used to staying indoors, with much skin moisture and poor performance to stay health under sunshine, two hours will be sunburn (perhaps shorter). The injury may not be felt at the time. When the skin turns red, it has been sunburn, and a day or two later it will pain and peel, and even blisters, cold towels can be used to reduce the pain, the use of moisturizing skin moisturizing supplement part and Vitamin C prevents melanin precipitation. Often activities in the sun people have good sunburn resistance, you can also use sunshade sunshade (silver coating), or wear long-sleeved clothes, of course, better sunscreen rubbing, remember to swim or large Do not forget to rub after sweating.

2. Do not catch a cold
When go to the beach, the most thing to do is to play in that clear sea, but note that playing with the sea is easy to catch a cold, especially after the weather just change from cold to warm, the sea is still relatively cold, those who is relatively weak in this case is very easy to catch a cold, in the event of a cold, the next activity is meaningless. So, once you feel the water is cooler, you should leave the sea.

3. To prevent mosquitoes
Mosquitoes mosquitoes by the sea no less than the mountains. Apart from mosquitoes and flies, it is annoying to have a planthopper on shallow beaches and on the beach, to bite (painful) in shallow water, and to bounce around. Pay attention to wipe mosquito repellent to avoid biting, and pull the tent window, and protect food, tableware, etc. (preferably not on the ground, you can put in the bag). Sitting around a campfire is usually free from bites.

4. Moisture
Trying to keep the tent away from the seawater and avoid flooding the tent by the high tide require that we know the tidal knowledge and ask the local fishermen. The safest way is to look for a dry sand place on the beach to camp, choose the weather when traveling, and pay attention to the weather forecast for the next few days.

5. Sleep quality
Beach camping is concentrated in the summer, if the beach is dry, it will be very soft, flat after lying on the bed. If the beach is wet, it will be harder, then need to be separated from the wet mat, sleep before you have to check the tent there is no mosquito; and good toilet, to prevent the tent to open in the middle of the night. At the same time, the sea temperature difference between day and night relatively large, should pay attention to keep warm, even in summer should bring thick clothing. Keep a  camping flashlight along with you in case of emergency.

6 . Seafood
Barbecue is very suitable for the beach, cooking seafood is also very good, but be sure to eat fresh. In the early first and fifteenth (or around two days) Lunar New Year will fall tide, then you can catch the sea, ebb tide beach to dig clams, grasping crabs, clams and crabs skin shrimp and other seafood boiled, without spices, water on That is cooked. Barbecue, then pay attention to the material, bread and meat skewers Wings will become bad in the hot summer half-day, it is best to buy before meals, ham safer longer. Pay attention to cooking thoroughly, destroy parasites in seafood.

7. Swimming
It is dangerous to swim in the sea. Underwater rocks, deep pits, and complicated water currents are all very dangerous. Therefore, people who are not particularly familiar with the local hydrology should learn more about the hydrological conditions and swim together. Try to bring life buoy.