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Custom best aaa pocket mini keychain flashlight with cheap price

Custom best aaa pocket mini keychain flashlight with cheap price


As the technology of led lamp beads has gradually matured, most of the pocket mini keychain flashlight currently used are led. In the led flashlight market, there are mainly two kinds of lighting flashlights: one is led flashlight lighting, which can also be used for home lighting and outdoor lighting; and the other is aaa pocket mini flashlight (EDC torch light).Pocket mini torch light pursuit The mini is compact and easy to carry, used in emergency lighting.You can choose led flashlight manufacturer custom aaa mini flashlight with cheap price.

The EDC pocket mini flashlight described below belongs to the latter, and the weight of this small torch light is only 10g. What is the concept, which is equivalent to the weight of two one-dollar coins. You don’t have to doubt that such a small led flashlight.The distance of 80 meters or more, you may not believe it, but this is the fact. Let’s take a look at the mini keychain flashlight from the parameter point of view.

First look at the mini led torch appearance, small body, with a CREE, high-brightness led lamp beads, brightness up to 120 lumens. Use a high-quality T6061 aerospace-grade aluminum flashlight body, the small torch light is well protected. Resistance to falling and waterproofing are inherent characteristics. AAA battery is enough to make it last more than 1 hour of lighting. Especially small, such as the usual small clips; if you camp, go out, it is very convenient to hang it on the bag.

The mini led keychain flashlight switch is at your fingertips, the head switch is designed, and the rotation is on. Easily switch flashlight switches for a more convenient using experience

80 meters long-range shot is the highlight of this mini keychain flashlight design with only 10g weight. For the best brightness and lighting effect, imported CREE lamp beads are used as the light source. Secondly, in order to better reflect the light source, this mini led flashlight The high-temperature vacuum plating mirror aluminum alloy reflector design is adopted. The dimming was repeated by professional flashlight engineers. It has a long-range distance of 80 meters.custom best aaa pocket mini keychain flashlight