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Patrol law enforcement rechargeable led flashlight features

Patrol law enforcement rechargeable led flashlight features


Patrol law enforcement rechargeable led flashlight features,Explosion-proof performance of rechargeable led flashlight: This product has been certified by the national authority for explosion-proof certification and is manufactured in accordance with national explosion-proof standards. The intrinsically safe explosion-proof grade uses magnetic triggering, has excellent explosion-proof and anti-static effects, and can be flammable and explosive in various types. Work safely.

Reasonable configuration: High-energy non-memory nickel-hydrogen battery, long life, low self-discharge rate, economical and environmental protection; material 1W/3WLED bulb with high luminous efficiency, rechargeable led/weak light distribution function; low energy consumption and long service life. In addition to the lighting function, the strobe function is added, which can be used for long-distance signal indication.

Working time: The working time can reach 4/8 hours, which can meet the needs of the duty or the emergency lighting for power failure; the charging time is only 4.5 hours; once fully charged, it can be used at any time within 6 months.

Applicability: Imported high-hardness alloy casing can withstand strong impact and impact; waterproof, high temperature resistance, high humidity performance, can work normally under various harsh weather conditions.

Intelligent protection: The flashlight is equipped with over-discharge, over-charge and short-circuit protection devices to effectively protect the battery and extend the life of the flashlight; the smart charger is equipped with short-circuit protection and charging display device.

Law enforcement management of the law enforcement department

(1) Obey the principle of “who uses, who keeps; who is damaged, who pays compensation”, and manages responsibility to people.

(2) The flashlight is mainly used by the middle and night shift patrol law enforcement officers. The captains of each duty shall keep and check the flashlight and use it by law enforcement officers.

(3) The charging work of the flashlight is the responsibility of the patrol law enforcement officer on duty, and must be guaranteed for normal use. The foreman must check the power and usage of the flashlight when handing over the shift.

(4) The flashlights configured by the department are only allowed to be used during the work period; other departments or personnel must use the flashlight, and must write a written debit, which must be signed and confirmed by the captain of the current value before lending.