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Is normal for high-power rechargeable led flashlight too hot

Is normal for high-power rechargeable led flashlight too hot


Is normal for high-power rechargeable led flashlight too hot?

high-power rechargeable led flashlight of The drive circuit can be roughly divided into direct drive and constant current drive. The current of the direct drive circuit is not controlled. When the battery power is high enough, the battery will do its best to supply the LED. At the beginning, the flashlight will be bright and the temperature will rise suddenly, and the heat and heat cannot be balanced. The brightness and temperature will slowly drop after the battery is gradually depleted. Due to the high current in the early stage, the damage to the LED and the battery is very large. The life of the LED often cannot reach the design life, and the battery will also be shortened due to the overloaded working life. This kind of “quick success” is not limited to the flow of the driver, only the low-end flashlight will see. In the early stage of the work of the flashlight, the effect will be slightly better, and it will weaken rapidly as time progresses.

The constant current driving circuit belongs to the current mainstream driving scheme. The circuit controls the current supplied to the LED, so that the current is maintained at the same size. After the current is constant, the heat and heat dissipation of the flashlight are also balanced, and the output current of the battery can be maintained. This is the optimal drive solution. Generally, a small volume of flashlight can be balanced in about 15 minutes. Brightness and illumination can be consistent.

Heat conduction is related to the lamp holder of the flashlight

The larger the contact area between the lamp holder and the LED, the better the conduction effect. The higher the thermal conductivity of the material, the better the thermal conductivity. At present, the mainstream copper solid-state lamp holder can transmit the heat generated by the LED to the aluminum-gold external heat-dissipating body more quickly, and the thermal energy accumulation can affect the LED life. This structure is similar to the heat sink of a computer’s CPU. The plane that is in direct contact with the CPU is made of copper, while the heat sink is made of finned aluminum foil and fan.

Relationship between heat dissipation and flashlight volume

The small size of the flashlight, the outer surface of the outer cymbal is small, the relative heat of the large flashlight will feel a little more obvious. Usually such flashlights do not use excessively powerful LEDs as the core source.