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Old Memory And Experience In Flashlight Industry

Old Memory And Experience In Flashlight Industry


As a guy just gradated from university for several years, Flashlight industry is my second job involved.i have served two flashlight companies, each company have more than 100 flashlights. Any way i have a deep understanding of the products. From dozens of lumens to 4000 lumens , from 50 meters beam distance to 710 meters ,all kinds of flashlight and head lamps I have personally tried. In China,  very few people will use 2000 lumens flashlights, because chines have few outdoor activities like hunting,searching which need so high power brightness,therefore a lot of super high brightness flashlight are sold abroad.

The core component is the LED chip, Cree is the best. Cree’s new generation chip is very bright and usually is used in high-end flashlight and headlamp, so the price is very expensive. The second core component is the circuit board, stable voltage and current play a great role on the life of flashlight; thirdly is the reflection cup which ensure that the brightness efficiency does not drop.

From the user’s point,the switch position is very important, too much brightness modes is too cumbersome especially for a common user. The control way must be easy, The circular switch on the head is very nice ,it can be seen clearly. That is reason i like tank007 products ,not everyone is the expert .Some flashlight even have 5–6 modes,so troublesome and not so convenient to use.

I remember those old days my family using ancient torch in the night.The tough family members, the the shabby,rough torch and we all come though,like the other family.

According to my experience in two flashlight company, and some marketing research i have been done of the other big brands like surefire, led lenser, klarus, peican, fenix,tank007, black diamond,streamlight, shadowhawk, etc. I do think they have almost the same quality.The most obvious difference is the appearance beyond lots of products. a 150 lumen flashlight you can’t expect it can emit enough brightness and work for 120 hours even on the low mode.

If it is similar to the style, with 18650 batteries, range and use of time is not very different. only few person that require perfect Strictly will care about these a few minutes of it.

In a word ,flashlight is not used every day, so  it is not worthy spending hundreds of dollars to buy one. I have been to Tank007’s production workshop , there are a variety of quality indicators of the test, such as water level, anti-drop height, distance beam, etc. Feel professional.