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7 recommend experience of choosing a led flashlight

7 recommend experience of choosing a led flashlight


Just like lots of person need a loyal dog that accompany with, we need our own suitable bright flashlight while go out for outdoor activities at night. Many people only pursue a high bright light flashlight which always means heavy and inconvenient to carry,and the price is expensive. Some people just for the sake of convenience but always turn out lacking of sufficient light. A professional user who has engaged in outdoor activities for several years provides a few suggestions.

First of all, we have to make sure how much lumens we need.

10 lumens: a mini Flashlight or keychain flashlight is enough, it provides soft, not dazzling light in the dark environment, such as in the parking finding a key, in the camp for you to get up.

50 lumens: suitable for outdoor at night and can illuminate the road surface,like walking around the camp.

150 lumens: some ordinary flashlight can meet your demand, it can illuminate the road better.

250 lumens:it belongs to high bright flashlight, and it emits a brightness almost like an electric bicycle lights. it can clearly illuminate the road.

500 lumens: it provide brightness like a motorcar’s headlight,and it can surly illuminate a large of area.Such a high brightness that your eyes can not open when it towards you.

1000 lumens: extremely bright,it close to the car headlights.

5000 lumens: it like a high beam light of a large truck.

2, outdoor flashlight with two: a mini bright flashlight, used in the camp, and commonly used; a 250 lumens of light flashlight, hiking with.

3, flashlight battery duration should be 6 hours and more.Whether it is one-way or two-way outdoor activities, six hours can let you not worry about battery depletion..

4,If you need a high brightness lighting, your bright flashlight must need one or two large capacity battery such as 18650 or 26650 battery.

5, If you need to go to serious and dangerous environment, such as adventure, you need to walk in groups and the flashlight have the hammers design.This heavy stuff can be a self-defense equipment and save your life.

6, If you go for adventure or hunting activities you need a professional outdoor flashlight with long beam distance and high light,or you can pick a tactical flashlight.

7, if you want a tactical flashlight, and don’t care about the price,surefire is nice, if you couldn’t afford the expensive prices, at least choice a brand with good reputation like tank007.

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