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Introduction of self-defense tool—-which you don’t know

Introduction of self-defense tool—-which you don’t know


Most people think the flashlight is only suitable for outdoor lighting or in the case of power outages. With the development of science and technology, LED flashlight also has more functions. This is another example of socialization of military products that convenient for our daily life. The famous guns and tactical training expert Mike Seeklander believes that everyone should carry a tactical flashlight.tank007

It can be used in the military environment, like CQB (close quarter battle) and has excellent performance on the role of confrontation, tactical searching , outdoor exploration, signal transmission,etc. Most tactical flashlight is used for lighting that fixing in firearms, so it must be smaller than traditional flashlight.

The police and army units is the main reason to produce tactical flashlights. now,it is very suitable for Ordinary people to carry as a self-defense tool.

flashlight-self-defense tank007

There are no essential difference between tactical flashlight and ordinary flashlight, but tactical flashlight is design to adapt to harsh environmental conditions.therefore all its performance much higher than the ordinary flashlight, such as capability at the high/low temperature, seal structure, corrosion resistance, durability, illumination, color temperature of light, etc.

Ordinary person should carry a tactical flashlight, we can continue to illuminate or  strobe the criminals then take the opportunity to escape. we use it to send a SOS,its   visibility distance should more than 2000m, with a red filter over 4000m.

tank007 tc29a

In addition, tactical flashlight can also be used for long-distance irradiation,patrol and vehicle maintain.

Most LED’s life can reach one hundred thousand hours , you can use a torch that have good quality for many years. Tank007 and Fenix are the top two main brand in China.