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TANK007 Best Survival Flashlight

TANK007 Best Survival Flashlight


As for survival flashlight, we first think of that can save us in emergence. Yes, such kind of flashlights plays an important role when we are in danger, for example, when we get lost in the forest.

So, how to choose a good survival flashlight? Here are some advice for you.

  1. It should be a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight can defense us in emergency. We can use it to fight against the dangerous guys or beast.
  2. It should be waterproof. Imagine that if your flashlight is dropped into water and cannot work again, then, you are helpless. So, the flashlight should be waterproof.
  3. It should have high-light mode, more than 500 lumens. Super bright light can scare beast away.
  4. SOS mode is necessary. Sometimes we may need to send signal to others to help us.

Meanwhile, you may need some other features, but the four features are necessary in my opinion.

The best Tank007 survival flashlight

When it comes to Tank007 best survival flashlight, PT40 is the best choice. This flashlight can use both one and two 18650 batteries since it goes with a removable extension tube, which is used to load another 18650 li-ion battery.

Details about PT40

Lamp USA Cree XM-L U2  with lifespan of 100,000hours
Max Brightness 1000  lumens
Output Levels five modes (High-Med-Low-Strobe-SOS)

Chip characteristics: Intelligent memory and constant current circuit chip which maintains constant brightness

Power Source (Standard type)2*CR123 Li-ion batteries or 2*16340 Li-ion batteries or1*18650 Li-ion batteries

(Extended type)4*CR123 Li-ion batteries or 2*18650 Li-ion batteries

Input Voltage 3.0V-12V
Burn Time (Standard type)high light- 1.5 hours; low light-50 hours

(Extended type)high light- 3hours;  low light-97 hours

Material Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061
Treatment Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Exterior Color Black
Reflector Vacuum coated aluminum optical reflector
Throw Beam 500meters
Lens Tempering optical lens
Switch End click switch
Construction Waterproof to IPX8 standard
Impact Resistant Anti-drop height of 1.5 meters
Size (Standard type)15.8(length)* 2.54 (body diameter) * 4.1(head diameter)

(Extended type)21.5(length)* 2.54 (body diameter) * 4.1(head diameter)

Weight (Standard type)148 (excluding batteries) (excluding batteries)

(Extended type)184 (excluding batteries) (excluding batteries)