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Notes for Maintaining Outdoor Flashlight

Notes for Maintaining Outdoor Flashlight


In recent years, LED flashlight develops rapidly. What promotes the development of led flashlight includes not only the LED’s development, as well as LED flashlight shell manufacturing technology continues to improve. Now the flashlight has a rugged and lightweight shell at the same time, also has a wide practicality.

Light flashlight has been loved by more and more people, first of all this benefits from the rise of wild sports. As a necessity, outdoor flashlight needs to be higher in brightness than the flashlight at home, flashlight shell need to be wearable, waterproof; battery life longer, easy to replace, easy to carry. These most basic functions are determined by the nature of the travelling; the second is to stay out with lighting and to send HELP signal when we are in danger.

Flashlight at a critical moment can play a role in saving your life. it is essential for wild sports items. Therefore, we should be careful when using outdoor flashlight. Here to introduce some notes for using of light flashlight:

1, in the use of flashlight, check the thread at the tightening without loosening, if the thread is not tightened may also cause Not light problem.
2, do not use with overvoltage, the voltage does not exceed the rated voltage, the battery positive forward, do not reverse, otherwise it will burn the circuit board, pay attention to control the torch temperature changes, non-professionals do not open the circuit board.
3, when charging, please look for the positive and negative electrical appliances, do not overcharge the discharge, to avoid damage to the battery life (charging time is usually 3-5 hours).
4, can not direct light to his eyes, to avoid the eyes hurt.
5, flashlight to avoid the sun or high temperature environment placed, flashlight to stop using, please remove the battery stored in a cool dry place.
6, every 6 months with a clean soft cloth scrub the thread, and coated with a thin layer of lubricant.

With the people of the wild sports more and more love, LED flashlight more and more loved by everyone. For everyone to enjoy the fun, please note that the above points, to avoid improper operation caused unnecessary trouble.