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What to Do if Your Outdoor Flashlight Does Not Light

What to Do if Your Outdoor Flashlight Does Not Light


With the development of science and technology, now the LED flashlight not only has a solid flashlight shell also has a very comprehensive function. Many outdoor enthusiasts would like to bring one in the outdoor activities, in the dark field, LED flashlight play a lighting effect. If you bring the flashlight but it does not light, how will you deal with? The following article is to introduce some simple inspection and maintenance methods.

LED flashlight If there is a light does not light, please follow the following methods for initial maintenance:

1, check the battery: to ensure that the battery has the power and the right direction into the flashlight body, outdoor flashlight cannot use different models of batteries, old and new batteries cannot be put together.

2, before the maintenance, please ensure that the outdoor LED flashlight shell of the threaded tightening without loosening, if the thread is not tightened, it may also cause shiny or slightly bright reasons.

3, to determine the fault: remove the rear of the flashlight shell, exposing the battery anode, with scissors or tweezers and other metal pieces connected to the battery negative and the battery side of the bright light bare body exposed to see if it is lit. If you can, it is the problem of the strong flashlight switch, please check according to step 3; if not, please check whether the soldering of the circuit board and the circuit board connection is open welding or Weld, if any, please re-welding to solve the problem.

4, check the tail cover switch: remove the LED flashlight tail, outdoor LED flashlight can see the switch spring outer ring has two concaves with the pressure ring, with tweezers or scissors to rotate clockwise, check whether the switch pressure ring is loose, to ensure that the switch pressure ring pressed on the switch cannot be loose.