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Led rechargeable flashlight is used correctly after purchase

Led rechargeable flashlight is used correctly after purchase


Led rechargeable flashlight is used correctly after purchase,Led rechargeable flashlight battery installation: Warning! Do not use a 18650 lithium battery to install a mix of old and new batteries or to mix another brand or type of battery. Do not install a damaged battery. New undamaged and uncharged 18650 lithium batteries are used only in flashlights and may pose a hazard to users for the following reasons.

1) Under normal operation, the 18650 lithium battery will not emit gas or corrosive liquid.

2) The 18650 lithium battery has two internal safety devices that gradually rise with increasing temperature: a thermal switch that limits current and a pressure relief valve. The operating temperature of the pressure relief hole is greater than the operating temperature of the emergency vent on the rechargeable flashlight, so if the flashlight is exposed to temperatures greater than 100 ° C (212 ° F), the safe release

3) The 18650 lithium battery is the only power source, and the flashlight will run at 95% full brightness for 6 to 8 hours.

4) Rechargeable flashlight lithium battery is required for flashlight float.

5) Rechargeable flashlights can operate safely from -40°C to +46°C (-40°F to +115°F), only for 18650 lithium batteries.

First make sure the led rechargeable flashlight is off. This can prevent an arc or spark that may ignite a flammable gas formed by a damaged flashlight battery.

Use one hand to gently squeeze the rechargeable flashlight cover with the flashlight and slowly rotate the battery compartment of the led rechargeable flashlight head counterclockwise to safely release the pressure. Insert a new 18650 lithium battery and point the positive head toward the head of the led rechargeable flashlight on the battery compartment. Carefully screw the battery case back into the battery until the cover is tight or begins to slip. The battery is now installed. Once the led flashlight is significantly darkened, the battery should be replaced.

Rechargeable led flashlight External maintenance: Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth to avoid contact with the lens.

Led rechargeable flashlight lens: The lens is molded and coated with a silicone scratch-resistant coating, but may be scratched. Use only a lens cleaning cloth to clean and avoid any other contact. External lens scratches are not covered by the warranty.

O-ring: As long as the O-ring is fixed to the battery case, it should be kept clean when it is screwed into the flashlight head, no need to pay attention. To ensure that the O-ring does not collect dirt, do not disassemble/reverse the clip unless the battery is installed, otherwise do not connect the battery case to the flashlight head. The nitrile rubber ring can only be coated with silicone grease; other greases can damage the O-ring. The holster in the plastic bag at the bottom of the electronic bag is located on a silicone grease with an O-ring and a spare stainless steel needle for lanyard connection. To remove the O-ring from the cartridge insert, evenly separate the four round toothpicks under the O-ring and slide it out of the threaded end of the battery compartment. In turn install a new O-ring.

caveat! Led rechargeable flashlight, lens and tail cover are made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, using military grade three hard oxidized surface to achieve the best texture of rechargeable flashlight!