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LED high power light flashlight manufacturer

LED high power light flashlight manufacturer


LED high-power glare flashlight is also called high-power LED glare flashlight. It is a new type of lighting tool with LED as the light source of glare flashlight. It has power saving, waterproof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, anti-drop and durable. Long lighting life and strong brightness. . Such flashlights are often used in flammable and explosive places such as public security, fire protection, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, ships, railways, coal mines, flood control, disaster relief, etc. or for long-time work lighting and emergency lighting. Flashlight dealers choose wholesale LED glare flashlights. The parameters are to be seen, but the parameters are not acceptable. If you choose the LED glare flashlight according to the parameters, it will definitely be fooled.

TANK007 high-power led light flashlight manufacturer, professional flashlight manufacturer. Mainly for different environments, choose different gear flashlights to improve battery life, battery used, battery is rechargeable lithium battery or dry battery, how many knots. These directly affect the battery life of the flashlight. The parameters of the flashlight are mainly the following, the type of illuminant, the manufacturer’s model, the brightness, the gear position, the brightness and endurance of each gear. Dimming mode, length Weight, light cup diameter, range. Xiaobian to all friends to share led high-power glare flashlight wholesale notes:

High-power led glare flashlight wholesaler, knows that a led glare flashlight is mainly composed of: flashlight head, light cup, lamp holder, led flashlight lamp bead, LED flashlight chip, circuit compartment, switch, flashlight barrel, battery Led glare flashlight is an important part. As the excellence of the TANK007 Detector glare flashlight, and the advantages of the market lies in the following:

(1) led glare flashlight lamp beads: the use of international high-end brands such as: CREE, LUMINUS, SSC, OSRAM and other imported led flashlight lamp beads. Compared with domestic LED lamp beads, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, long life and good lighting effect.

(2) led flashlight circuit compartment: the use of thermal conductivity of brass and copper. In order to ensure that the circuit of led glare flashlight is stable, the heat conduction is fast, and the price of copper is very expensive. This is not possible with the tens of dollars of glare flashlights on the market.

(3) led flashlight aluminum alloy light cup: led glare flashlight engineer carefully designed aluminum alloy vacuum plating light cup, TANK007 series flashlight, which is different from the plastic mirror light cup used in the market, although the plastic light cup can also reach strong The effect of long-range light, but the service life is very low. As a master of strong light flashlight, I know that led flashlights, using high-power led, long time to use, it is easy to overheat, led lamp beads overheating, resulting in plastic light The cup is aging.

(4) led flashlight lens: TANK007 series led flashlights are made of high quality tempered optical glass, mostly used in the market for plastic glass. For the primary enthusiasts of led glare flashlights, this part is not important.

LED glare flashlight basic performance characteristics:

1, solid-state light source: imported high-brightness solid-state LED light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, environmental protection and energy saving.

2, practical functions: the front end of the flashlight with an attack head, with attack-induced pain, uniform effect; neck hexagonal anti-rolling design, the barrel is deep knurled, the tail carries a black lanyard.

3, intelligent control: charging, discharging using chip intelligent control, a variety of protection, safe and efficient.

4, charging method: carry two kinds of chargers, you can choose AC220V or car 12V charging mode to charge in different environments.

5, free switching: weak light, strong light, flashing three functions can be switched at will.

6, waterproof and durable: optimized structural design, to ensure that the product can work normally under water 1 meter, high hardness alloy shell, can withstand strong collision and impact.

High-power led glare flashlight is an important lighting tool in daily life. It is one of the outdoor and military police equipment. The led glare flashlight front end has an aggressive spine, which can attack the painful uniform and play its own safety protection. The strobe function also allows the criminals to temporarily lose their vertigo and temporarily play a role in self-defense. The led glare flashlight case is anodized with aviation aluminum, and the glare flashlight has functions of waterproof, explosion-proof, shock-proof and anti-pressure. TANK007 Detector led glare flashlight application scenarios include: close-range inspection, patrol search, assault capture, tactical flashlight in the dark, and can also be used as a self-defense flashlight. TANK007 Detector glare flashlight is widely used in nighttime duty, construction, maintenance and repair field operations in factories, mines, electric power, transportation, water conservancy, urban construction, petrochemical, public security, fire protection, military and other industries. High-power led flashlight distribution, glare flashlight wholesale. Ms. Shen: 13530304984 Official website:

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