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mini led flashlight manufacturer custom process

mini led flashlight manufacturer custom process


mini led flashlights are very common in people’s lives. Although they are small, they are very large. We can see that at present, the small flashlight is becoming a very popular small mini led, which can be seen in both business gifts and event promotions. The demand for mini led flashlight is gradually increasing. At the same time, mini led flashlight manufacturer is constantly developing and innovating to meet this new market demand.

We can find that there are many manufacturers of mini led flashlights on the market. Among these many manufacturers, Guangzhongdao flashlight manufacturers are very professional flashlight manufacturers. If you need to order mini led flashlights, you can Different needs to customize the products you need.

Guangzhongdao electronics manufacturers have the following advantages:

First of all, experienced and strong technical strength. Founded in 2000, Shenzhen Guangzhongdao Electronics Co., Ltd. is an entity integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and sales services. The company has self-built 5,000 square meters factory, with CNC CNC lathe, computer boring, five-axis machine, anodizing, finished product assembly, etc., with exquisite workmanship and strong hardware strength. There are also many professional production lines, standardized production and testing, integrating research and development, production and sales, eliminating the need for intermediate links to effectively control the price of regular products, large inventory, the same day, the same day shipping, customized service, the fastest 7 days delivery .

Secondly, the company adheres to the management concept of “exploitation and innovation, and human text”. Since its establishment, most of the employees have served in the company for more than 5 years, so they have cultivated a group of skilled and well-operated employees.

Furthermore, product quality is guaranteed. The brand of TANK007 flashlight under the brand of Guangzhongdao Electronics uses first-class raw materials and stable and reliable brand suppliers (such as LEDs from the world’s top brands: US CREE, Germany OSRAM, Japan’s UV chips, etc.), all key components are all Independent design and processing to ensure stable quality and cost, the whole series of products have passed CE, ROHS and other authoritative quality certification, the flashlight performance parameters are higher than the national military standards, with high market position and good reputation and customer praise.

In fact, the customization work of the mini led flashlight is not as complicated as we think. When we customize, we must first consider what material to use, what kind of functionality is required for the flashlight, and what kind of color we like. Whether you need to add a proprietary logo to the flashlight, etc., just consider these clearly, and then submit these requirements to the manufacturer, it is very time-saving.