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Outdoor LED Rechargeable Flashlight Performance Features

Outdoor LED Rechargeable Flashlight Performance Features


Rechargeable led flashlight This product can be seen everywhere in the market, and it is inseparable from our life. Although many people know to buy rechargeable led flashlights, how many people know how to use led flashlights correctly? What is the life of the led flashlight?

When we used the ledf rechargeable flashlight, the flashlight manufacturer told us that we should try not to let the rechargeable flashlight hit the water, because it would be easy to break after a long time. Now, after the flashing function of the flashlight, it has already It avoids the situation that the previous water is easy to break. When we use rechargeable flashlights, we must wait until the power is used up. We only need to charge it, because only then can we use rechargeable flashlights better and longer.

Outdoor lighting requirements are “ready to use”. Unreliable lighting tools that are not working at critical moments are fatal and can be life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle for selecting outdoor lighting tools. It is impossible to carry a large number of batteries for outdoor activities, so try to use a high-efficiency rechargeable led flashlight to ensure sufficient brightness and long battery life.

Outdoor LED Rechargeable Flashlight Performance Features:

1. Intelligent control: It adopts chip control, has constant current output, prevents overcharge, over discharge, short circuit and other protection functions. After the battery is fully charged, it automatically switches to trickle charge.

2. Head-mounted lighting: Optional cap buckle can lock the flashlight quickly and firmly on the helmet to achieve any angle.

3. Switch function: The intelligent switch can control the light to turn on and off, and press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to switch to the signal flashing function.

4. Superior performance: waterproof up to 1 meter, battery with high capacity environmentally friendly lithium battery, long life and low self-discharge rate.

5. Flexible and convenient: the outer surface is deep and non-slip, light and beautiful, and the tail is equipped with a lanyard, which can be carried by hand and placed in a pocket.

6. Efficient and energy-saving: The light source adopts the fourth-generation solid-state LED, which has high brightness. The effective irradiation distance of type A can reach 130 meters, and the visible distance of signal flicker can reach more than 6000 meters.