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What kind of bike light you are using now?

What kind of bike light you are using now?


Before found a satisfied bike light , I used many other methods ,such as with Orange Cup lights , though the light is very soft, the effect is not very good . Some times we use paper to block out some light, so that people won’t not see the light emitted from upward pan, but this approach would lose some light. Anyhow, it had very few professional bicycle lights at that time.

TK737首图 5-T6

In recent years,  with the development of the society, some manufacturers have started to pay attention to bicycle lights, and began to launch some lights specially for bicycle.

I am now using “TANK007 TK737” bike light, which is my favorite one among all the bicycle lights.

The following is the comparison with two lights. All it’s the 0.7m distance from the wall, one is with TANK007 focusing bicycle light, the other is TK737 floodlighting.

In the first picture is from TK737 focusing bike light, you can see the center of the bright spots is very bright and small diameter. In fact, even 20 meters far away, the center of the bright spots is no more than one meter in diameter. There are bright spots in the vicinity of the center floodlight. It’s very strong in the opposite, and will see dazzling.

The second picture is the floodlight bicycle lights TK737. Because it’s very bright, then the background would compared to be darker. You can see a big bright spots, and little outside floodlight. It won’t have uncomfortable feeling from the opposite side. The effect is very good.


I feel very satisfied with this bike light. It’s with very unique style. In addition to good effect, it is still very eye-catching. Any way, it’s good partner of my bike.