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The History of LED Flashlight

The History of LED Flashlight


As is known to all, before flashlight, people can only use lantern to light at night, even they went out at night, they have to carry a lantern with candle inside, or oil lamp with them. It is very inconvenient for people to walk, camp, or work at night. After LED was invented, everything changed. Here, let’s talk about the history of LED flashlight.


After Edison invented the light bulb 100 years ago, a man named Hubert Americans invented the first torch in the world. Flashlight (English name: flashlight or torch), referred to the torch, is a handheld electronic lighting tools. Flashlights on the market include: LED flashlight, halogen flashlight, ordinary flashlight and xenon lamp flashlight (include divided tungsten and xenon HID) and the like;


1, There were a lot of halogen flashlight on the market before LED become popular, now, this type of flashlight is few.


2, Flashlight with incandescent light bulbs and alkaline batteries, this kind of flashlight is shelled with cladding metal and called as the first generation flashlight. They commonly used incandescent bulbs, low luminous efficiency, life is short, easily to burn. Large alkaline batteries with large capacity but life is not long.


3, Xenon flashlight uses incandescent light bulb, but thanks to the xenon, brightness increased a lot, light yellow color. This flashlight is characterized by high brightness, short life (maximum of 40 hours ).


4, LED Flashlight. LED is the “light emitting diode”, a lighting tool uses light emitting diode as light source, it has power-saving, durability, brightness and other advantages, is the world’s most popular and most promising flashlight.