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How Do Police of United States Grip the flashlight

How Do Police of United States Grip the flashlight


Ordinary people grip flashlight always palm down , just like holding a fishing rod.
However, in the US dramas, the way police grip flashlights, just like holding a dagger which is ready to piercing into others chest at any time.
In fact , no matter what ways of you use to grip, flashlights can shine from floor to ceiling.
However, the way that US police use to grip flashlights feels strange. Do they have a special reason to do so?

Why the police of United States is always palm facing up when holding the flashlights?

Indeed, police using this way do have a tactical advantage in dealing with violent person. At the time, the police arm raised, or already in defensive posture, if necessary, he is able to give others a heavy blow, so that criminals can not act rashly.  And if the police grip the flashlights like ordinary people, they must take hand back in order to have action.

When police raided the house in the dark, it is generally that they won’t grip the flashlight  like ordinary people, because in that case, the burglar hiding in the corner can easily see the police. They may take advantage of the cops.

If in fighting, flashlights takes more important role. US police is trained to know how to grab a flashlight when shooting. They usually grip flashlight with the less flexible “weak hand”, in case they need to take out weapons with a relatively flexible ” strong hand “as quickly as possible. This way is to nsure that they could get into shooting positions quickly when necessary.