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How to Choose Hunting Flashlight

How to Choose Hunting Flashlight


Many people need a hunting flashlight but they do not know how to choose the flashlight, they may first searching some information about the brands. To be frank, this is a good way to choose hunting flashlight, but aside from the brands, there are some other factors you need to consider as well. Here are some tips.


After all, the most expensive is not the best fit. It is also true in choose flashlights for hunting. You need to think about what specific circumstances do you need to use the flashlight first, and then the other factors.


Different flashlights have some different features, so, in different circumstances, you need different flashlights.


1, Outdoor flashlight: high brightness, long range, long battery life, good waterproofing performance, durable and reliable;


2, Household flashlight: practical, cost-effective, comfortable operation, moderate brightness, convenient to recharge or replace batteries, easy to maintain;


3,Portable flashlight: compact, light, moderate brightness, good quality ,good operating feel, if it is for ladies, it is better to include self-defense function , such as strobe and so on;


4, Spare Flashlight in the car: safety hammer function, high brightness, multiple features (such as SOS function), long battery life, with car-charger.


5, there are many categories, such as: night riding flashlight, hunting flashlights, patrol flashlight and so on.


Hunting flashlight should have similar features to the outdoor flashlight, it should have dim light, for the strong light may disturb or scare the game. Red flashlight is better for hunting compared with white light.