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TANK007 High Quality LED Torch Light Flashlight

TANK007 High Quality LED Torch Light Flashlight


high quality led torch light

High quality LED torch light is what we devoted us to. Tank007 is always taking providing high quality flashlights to customers as his destiny. We place importance to every each part in the flashlight from LED to the spring in the tail. So, Tank007 flashlights are quite durable. Each flashlight can be used for many years.

LED: Adopts high quality big brand LEDs like Cree, Osram, etc., which can provide bright light with better color temperature. UV torch uses USA, Korean, Japan LEDs that can ensure accurate wavelength and light intensity.
Material in body: durable T6061 aerospace grade aluminum
Reflector: toughened Optical lens
Spring: High quality copper

Tank007 high quality led torch light flashlight include:

Tactical flashlight
Features: high and low temperature resistance, sealing, good corrosion resistance, very durable, lamp beads use time of 100,000 hours, life time 3 hours, can be self-defense
Applicable environment: outdoor trekking, camping, duty, hunting, search, exploration hole exploration
Mini portable flashlight
Features: petite, easy to carry, waterproof, anti-drop oil, durability, lamp beads can use 20,000 hours, endurance, can use 2 hours
Applicable environment: daily carry, night trek, outdoor camping
Jade expert flashlight
Features: light penetration ability, waterproof drop, durable, good endurance
Applicable environment: identification of jade, gambling jade stone, according to antiques, daily lighting
Purple UV flashlight
Features: light weight, can identify antiques, jade, can detect fluorescent agent, endurance, waterproof and drop
Use of the environment: anti-counterfeiting notes, identification of antique jade, jade, detection of fluorescent agents, crude oil detection

Most popular flashlight recommended

E09 is the most popular flashlight in Tank007. E09 is a best gift flashlight thanks to its decent appearance. Along these lines, numerous clients buy this spotlight for their families, companions, et cetera. In the interim, a few young ladies likewise get a kick out of the chance to buy one for daily use in some specific conditions.