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Most Powerful LED Flashlight

Most Powerful LED Flashlight


If you ask what the most powerful LED flashlight in the world is, I am afraid that I cannot answer the question. But if you ask Tank007’s most powerful flashlight, I can tell you.

Tank007 now is moving forward to high power flashlight uses two or more 18650 li-ion batteries, 26650 li-ion batteries, etc. Such flashlights are made for special uses, for example, searching, exploration, etc..

The most powerful LED flashlight in Tank007 is RC11. This flashlight is powered by 3*18650 Li-ion batteries, and the brightness is up to 2000 lumens. The beam distance is 400 meters. It is the best outdoor searching and rescue flashlight.

rc11 tank007 (4)

The latest CI03 flashlight is also a powerful LED flashlight. This flashlight is powered by 2*26650 Li-ion batteries, and can emit 800 lumens bright light.

CI03 is a flashlight that can throw uniform light to 300m, which is best for criminal investigation, inspection, searching, explore, etc.

CI03 high lumen flashlight and police flashlights max 800 lumen (1)

LED Specification
1 using XML U2 LED CREE
2 max brightness up to 800 lumens
3 beam distance up to 300 meters
Physical specification
1 waterproof grade: IPX- 8
2 impact resistant height: 1 meter
3 product size: length: 300 mm, body diameter: 38 mm, head diameter: 62 mm
4 product net weight: 705 grams (exclude batteries)
5 materials: aviation grade aluminum alloy
6 surface craft: Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
7 reflector cup: combined optical lens system as projection instrument 8 color: black
Power source: 2*26650 Li-ion batteries
Run time: 3 hours for continuous lighting

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