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High Lumen Tactical Flashlight

High Lumen Tactical Flashlight


Many people love high lumen tactical flashlight especially those who love go out because such flashlight provide bright light.

Basic features of high lumen tactical flashlight
1. Bright. High lumen means bright. So, a high lumen flashlight must be bright. So, how bright is high lumen? Here, in my opinion, 120- lumen is high brightness. But most tactical flashlights’ brightness is more than 350 lumens, for example Tank007 TC18. Some are even as bright as 1000 lumens.
2. Including tactical head. To be a tactical flashlight, it should have a tactical head; some even include a tactical tail. A tactical head makes the flashlight a weapon in emergency.

Popular Tank007 High Lumen Tactical Flashlights

1. PT40

Tank007 PT40 U2 Tactical Flashlight 1000 Lumen High Power

PT40 is the most popular high lumen tactical flashlight in Tank007. It adopts Cree U2 LED, which can emit 1000 lumen bright. This flashlight can be used for many different purposes, including police use, camping, cycling, hiking, and more.

There is an extension tube for this flashlight, which is used to install another 18650 battery. So, this flashlight has two versions: Standard version and extended version. The first one is powered by an 18650 li-ion battery, and the latter is powered by two 18650 batteries. Users can choose to use either as they wish for the extended tube is easy to disassembled.

Details about PT40

Details about PT40
LED Brand & Model: USA Cree XM-L U2, 1000 lumens max, more than 100,000 hours life span
Throw Beam: 300 m
Input Voltage: 3.0-12V
Output Level: five modes (High-Med-Low-Strobe-SOS)
Chip characteristics: Intelligent memory and constant current circuit chip which maintains constant brightness
Burn Time: (Standard type)high light- 1.5 hours; low light-50 hours (Extended type)high light- 3hours; low light-97 hours
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Size (cm): (Standard type)15.8(length)* 2.54 (body diameter) * 4.1(head diameter) (Extended type)21.5(length)* 2.54 (body diameter) * 4.1(head diameter) Weight (g): (Standard type)148 (excluding batteries);(Extended type)184 (excluding batteries)
Switch: End click switch


2. TC18
TC18 is a multi-function police torch light. It comes with Cree LED with life time more than 100,000 hours. Quality aluminum body makes the flashlight hard and wearable. Powered by a 18650 battery, which can ensure long time lighting. In addition, with output port in the flashlight, this torch can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile devices.

TC18 Zoom adjustable magnetic rechargeable led flashlight with power bank function