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To see the jadeite kinds of water with Jade Appraisal flashlight

To see the jadeite kinds of water with Jade Appraisal flashlight


Jade Appraisal flashlight to see the jadeite kinds of water. there is many jadeite type and pictures, how to observe the kind of jadeite water? In varieties of jade, the jadeite has most abundant color. How to observe jadeite?

jadeite color is very rich, thick divided into red, green, purple, white, yellow, black and other colors, and these colors can appear on a piece of jadeite, which general jade does not have the characteristics. In particular, the shape of the jadeite color,combinations and changing the color depth and distribution. Commonly used in Chinese folk “thirty-six water, seventy beans, 108 Blue” to describe the diversity of jadeite color.
Three-pronged approach to start, to better understand and judge the kind of jadeite water colors.

The first is the tone. jadeite hue also often referred to as color gas, like people complexion, which gives us the first impression. green jadeite, for example, the tone can be divided into three categories:

Stern first category is green, the color that everyone loved, we often refer to it as Stern, or Shuilv;
The second largest category of color is blue-green;

The third category color is yellowish color, we often call it green beans, is the most common color of jadeite. Therefore, we must have in mind a horizontal axis, more accurately recognize the tones, the first step to make judgments.

Second degree gaudy jadeite color. Degree gaudy jadeite color, that is saturation. For example, green color, we divide it by ten degrees gaudy, very light Stern, we call freshwater green; forty-five separations are green, called apple green; reach seven or eight is a favorite imperial green, this value is extremely expensive. If color is deeper, often referred to as the old color, the value is much lower. This standard is like a vertical axis, we can accurately analyze the specific jadeite color.

Finally, color shape. Color shape refers to a specific form of color distribution, and some into the wire, some into pieces, some a little thin. Things such as full-color, high prices several times over dissatisfaction with the color, for full of color, from the color of the root of things, and the mapping of the full-color, but also a big difference in value. A clear understanding of jadeite color shape can make an accurate judgment of its color.

Species of jadeite water assessments, in addition to pay attention to see if the plane is full of color, but also pay attention to the color of jadeite-dimensional thickness, jade appreciation by flashlight 45 degree angle irradiation can more clearly see the three-dimensional thickness and color composition, it’s more scientific to see jadeite water species.