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Detect Fluorescent Brighter with Tank007 UV Flashlight

Detect Fluorescent Brighter with Tank007 UV Flashlight




Fluorescent whitening agent is a fluorescent dye, or dye called brightener, which are widely used in industrial production. If it contacts human body or is taken into the body, they will calculate in our skin, or get in to the blood. This will decrease our immunity, ruin our blood, kidney and other organs. Therefore, fluorescent whitening agent is high-risk industrial chemical agent. Due to this, the Country Law expressly prohibits the use of such fluorescent whitening agent in industry production.

However, some unscrupulous businessmen, which are motivated by profit, disregarding others health, unconscionably use fluorescent whitening agent in cosmetics, cleaning supplies, school articles. This cause potential threats to our health.

No beautiful women want their face to be destroyed by fluorescent agent,result in turn white immediately, but have to face a fever even drips disaster, even hospital treatment.
Many beauties’ weak body may be caused by illegal skin care products;

No hard-working mother want to be tortured by skin disease, blood disease, kidney disease, liver cancer. Nor any mother want to see their hard bring-up children be tortured by kinds of school supplies which contain too much fluorescent agent. After all, they hope their children have a good future with healthy body.

Especially lively children, would have on their beloved toys put a hundred percent of the enthusiasm, but those toys, children’s clothing, baby supplies actually may also contain fluorescent agents, the risk of cancer is often not only killed the child’s life, and blocked moms to stay alive!

How to avoid excessive exposure to fluorescent agents

To do this, you need to avoid using products containts too many fluorescnet agents. So, how to detect fluorescnet agents? You can use Tank007 UV flashlight.

Instead of spending a lot of time to study those products whether non-fluorescent, to buy a UV flashlight directly and quickly is a better idea. It can tell if it contains a fluorescent agent. 365nm violet light flashlight exploration off daily necessities of life can not only discriminate whether phosphor-containing high-risk, as well as to identify genuine and fake coins, jade, antiques, stamps features.

Use is also very simple: phosphor-containing product at 365nm radiation turns blue under violet irradiation flashlight, non-fluorescent agent products display a yellow light; other products irradiation 365nm violet flashlight exploration off, or show professionals can see signal, such as gems and other precious stones; or display symbolic information to the naked eye can not see, such as coins, security code, etc.