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5 Major Differences between Strong Light LED flashlight and Incandescent Flashlight

5 Major Differences between Strong Light LED flashlight and Incandescent Flashlight


Strong light LED flashlight

What are the differences between strong light LED flashlight and common incandescent flashlight? Why the former flashlights are that expensive than the latter ones? I guess many users do not know the answers. Here, Tank007 will tell you why.

1. Anti-drop. Strong light LED is protected by a layer of resin which makes the LED not broken even dropped from a high place; which incandescent lamp is protected by a glass cover, which is easy to broken.
2. Soft light. Strong light LED flashlight’s light is soft, which can protect human eyes to some content; Traditional incandescent light is used in alternating current, under normal circumstances, will flash 100 to 200 times per second. So, Strong light LED flashlight is better to eyes than traditional ones.
3. Higher energy conversion rate. LED can converter power to light in higher rate than incandescent light. Traditional incandescent flashlight, not only low brightness, but also distributes a lot of heat, the new led flashlight, to the majority converts electricity energy into light energy, reducing heat to a very large extent, saving energy resources. The lamp itself will get little harmed.
4. Security: strong light flashlight is more environmentally friendly, light flashlight led light does not contain mercury, even if the lamp broken, and will not like the traditional incandescent lamp volatilize large amounts of mercury vapor, causing destruction to the environment. In this sense, the strong light led flashlight, can be said to be a green lighting tool in the flashlight industry
5. Self-defense: With solid materials, strong light led flashlight can be used for self-defense, and can use strong light to blind the criminals’ eyes temporarily so as to defense us.

After reading through the differences above, do you know why LED flashlight is more expensive now?There are also some other differences between strong light LED flashlight and traditional flashlights. Welcome to leave you thoughts here to discuss the topic.