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What Do You Need When You Ride a Long Journey

What Do You Need When You Ride a Long Journey



Engaged in outdoor flashlight for many years, we are also counted on old friends to those who love riding outside. We have left our footprint over our country in the past few years have left during the journey. It is an wonderful enjoyment to discord aside reinforced concrete metropolis, and to enjoy the taste of the soil vegetation.

Here, I will share some experiences while we made the trip over our country.

1, Mental preparation. Many of my friends will always feel, riding through Sichuan-Tibet line is too risky, too hard, and many of my friends have been intimidated by the distance. But indeed, you do not need to worry about that, you have not start your trip but scare you yourself. A thousand-li trip starts from your feet. Do not be worried. After all, you are not going to deep mountain where the road is bad, but a good place with well-built road. So, just build your confidence and tell you it is not a big problem.

Heart, some friends worry about traffic, in fact, the Sichuan-Tibet line, road repair can be said very good, and occasionally a few uneven places, that’s out of the way, so the first is to establish a psychological confidence, tell yourself there is no problem .

2, What you need to bring, whether it is winter or other seasons, riding clothes, riding pants, riding glasses, cycling helmet, a good bike are essential; do not forget to bring the outdoors flashlight,

The flashlight we recommend is tank007 TR08 high power flashlight and, because of a long life, brightness, this riding flashlight is small barbecue in the evening then we small gathering, especially when practical.

3, Do not ride too far if you are a freshman. You need to go with some experienced companions for the sake of safety. After all, riding is a hard job.

Finally, security is more important than anything, cherish life, safe driving!