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Why does fluorescence leak detection choose 365nm UV flashlight

Why does fluorescence leak detection choose 365nm UV flashlight


Special UV flashlights tailored to the fluorescent leak detection industry! The 365nm UV Flashlight is a convenient leak detection tool for the fluorescent leak detection industry. Ultraviolet flashlights overcome the shortcomings of the market, it is bright, no need to wait, large areas of high-intensity ultraviolet light, small funnel-shaped, easy to find.

365nm UV torch uses ultraviolet light, purple light source, blue light, white light source, so why choose ultraviolet light source? Because ultraviolet light is invisible to the naked eye, visible light such as violet, blue, and white light have fluorescence that interferes with the leak detector. Wearing yellow fluorescent-enhanced glasses is necessary, even if it causes leak detection. So choosing a fluorescent leak detection torch (UV flashlight) 365 nm uv light source as a UV flashlight will reveal a small leak.

The tank007 UV flashlight uses a high power 365nm uv LED flashlight as the light source, which sends a strong UV light, making it easy to find leaks.

Therefore, many people are worried that ultraviolet rays will damage operators. In fact, the news often reports that UV damage is short-wave UV disinfection lamp.short-wave UV has a strong damage to human skin, tank007 UV flashlight uses a narrow-spectrum medium-wave ultraviolet (UV) light source, no harmful short-wave and medium-wave UV. Remember to operate the tank007 purple flashlight and wear UV-resistant glasses.

Mostly we also use oil-soluble fluorescent to check the leaking, in a simple way.Soluble fluorescent can be used in any closed loop system, except for fuel system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, including turbo power system, pneumatic system, industrial piping and all kinds of industrial valves, interface leak. 365nm ultraviolet led flashlight is are widely used in many fileds.