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The best outdoor flashlight recommendation tank007 pt12

The best outdoor flashlight recommendation tank007 pt12


The summer is coming, many people don’t want to stay indoors all day are planning  some outdoor activities such as hiking camping, hunting night, riding exploration even searching, but they always facing one problem, that is how to chose the the flashlight — outdoors activity necessary equipment. Actually they don’t have the professional knowledge, so they make the wrong choice. Someone has bought the most expensive product, but not necessarily the best product suitable for him.

Now I recommend a famous cost-effective flashlight bran Tank007. It is a very specialized upscale flashlight brand. Tank007’s flashlight series include rechargeable flashlight, outdoor searching flashlight, tactical flashlight, magnetic working flashlight, mini EDC flashlight, outdoor portable flashlight, penlight medical flashlight zoom flashlight, and diving flashlight.

Suitable for outdoor activities mentioned above, I recommend the Tank007 tactical flashlight,as Tank007 said, without devil in mind, without fears. Tank007 tactical flashlight has many models such as PT12, PT10, PT11, PT11L, PT40, PT30, from 230 lumes to 1000 lumens, and the LED which is the critical material include Cree L2U2, Cree XR-E Q5,and have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. This series flashlights have very powerful light efficiency and performance.

PT40 the best one I have used, its long duration can meet my demand of lighting outdoor, and the constant current circuit chip which maintains constant brightness surprised me.


The Most impressive thing is its brightness up to 1000lumens. And the corresponding illumination time is 1.5 hours, with an extension shaft it can be up to 3 hours. This is the highest brightness in this brand’s tactical sequence. Its beam distance up to 300 M. PT40’s lowest lighting model 50 lumens is available for 97 hours. Two 18650 batteries or four CR123 batteries is sufficient. And it has five models from highlights, light, low light, strobe and SOS, trust me this little guy will never let you down. Strict waterproof testing, is very crucial for flashlight.PT40’s waterproof is IPX-8, once i  I throw it into a bucket for half a day and it still work perfectly. In addition, it comes with tail switch and the tactics ring, these features are very useful.

My roommate has bought a Surefire R1 lawman ,max 1000 lumens for 1.75 hours tactical runtime, 15 lumens for 37 hours, $455.00.

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Not only for its luxury price but also its only three light model,i love PT40 itself more than those advertise which charge at the consumers.