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TANK007 team activities Glimpse

TANK007 team activities Glimpse


Enjoy the greatest happiness of the nature

Hide from the bustling city, return to the tranquility of the mountains and nature, it’s such a good feeling in our hearts. April 23 to 24, 2016, TANK007 team took activities in the village known as China rafting in Qingyuan, started two day-nights of thrills tour

The first stop is the “king” of drifting called “Huangtengxia Rafting”. Screams, rubber boats straight down from the rushing rapids Gap Road, waves, only to put a rubber dinghy thrown into the sky, thrilling and exciting. In gentle, all people play with splashing water, or water gun to spray each other, heard shouts of laughter


After a hard day, they came to the new silver cup hot spring which is known as “the first spring of the South” in the night. Soak in hot springs warm, comfortable stretch your arms, or eyes closed, relaxing or chatting, the day’s fatigue unknowingly slowly eliminate


The next day, in “Feilai Lake” Wetland Park, we ride bikes, single or double, while pleasant riding on the car, while enjoying the picturesque lake, really nice


At the noon, we came to the “North River” to enjoy the lunch on the boat. Among the boats, we appreciate the fisherman cuisine, while enjoying the coastal scenery, bathed in the damp air and fresh river wind, fun, seems to forget themselves a sense of rivers and lakes