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Global First Metal Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight release TANK007 TC07

Global First Metal Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight release TANK007 TC07



As the leader in flashlight professional area, TANK007 has always insisted on innovation in technology and design, and strive to provide users with better flashlights . After years of technical precipitation , it has officially listed the world’s first waterproof metal rechargeable TANK007 TC07, marking TANK007 brand standing in the forefront of this industry once again.

It is reported that the product applies the constant brightness technology and Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish technology to ensure the flashlight constant brightness. The application of military technology also enhances the flashlight waterproof performance rating to IPX8, and more resistant to scraping ruggedness .

In addition , TC07 adopts high temperature vacuum plating mirror aluminum reflector and extra-thick steel optical glass.  This not only makes spot uniformity, but also the LED will not be damaged even under an external force and can continue to be used. As for the high power of flashlight, it is very easy to get ho. So Tank007 TC07 adopts the strengthened multi- fin design. Even after prolonged use, it will not be very hot and barreled.

TC07 also uses dual-spring design which makes it has better seismic performance. Its anti-roll stainless steel head can act as a safety hammer and anti-wolf weapons. Self-help and self-defense becomes very easy.

Of course , if you are a car owner , TC07 also can be car charging besides direct charging. You’ll never have to worry about not enough power and then feel unhappy when go back home.