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How to choose a outdoor led flashlight according to different activities

How to choose a outdoor led flashlight according to different activities


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It is very important to choose outdoor led flashlight according to the different outdoor activities.Even the outdoor led flashlight look the same,the performance is very different. We can following general rules below.

1, hiking:

hiking don’t need too high brightness. Because of the long time to hike,we had better choose a outdoor led flashlight which has a high power battery with longer burning time. But the team leader still need some high brightness flashlight which also has a long range.It can be more convenient in exploring the terrain.

2, Camping:

the flood light must be better, but the demand for brightness is low. we need to choose a outdoor led flashlight with the best battery that can work for a long time.It’s better to it can continue lighting the entire night. So such a flashlight can both combine convenience and cost. At present, with the new development of the outdoor led flashlights, many flashlights installed with a light diffuser can be used as a camping lamp, and its lighting effect is also very good.

3, night ride:

the speed of night ride is fast, so we needs a high brightness light also,it must meet our longer burning time requirements. it is best for continuous lighting more than 4 hours. The flood light is important when we ride at night because we need to look around. the spotlight will not be too convergent. Night ride flashlight is less strict with weight, so as to achieve the required level of performance, we can pick a larger flashlight.

4, hunting:

brightness must be high and beam distance must be long enough,however, the burning time can be relatively short. the flashlight should has the best anti-impact properties, so as not to be damaged by the recoil of the gun. Floodlight of this kind of flashlight should not too wide, the spotlight is more important. Tank007 recommend you to choose the yellow light flashlight that is better for hunting.

5, searching:

the demand for brightness is the max the better, and the beam distance is equally important.the weight and size not is a secondary consideration.

6, diving

diving flashlight stressed the absolute waterproof level and reliability, the brightness should be high.The size and weight is not strict,some one need a big one for higher flexibility and better handhold. We need the best switch to resist the water pressure.usually,the push button switch can not resist the water pressure,so diving flashlight with magnetic switch or rotary  toggle switch is better. In addition, a hand rope with lock function to prevent accidental loss is very important.

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7, caving

The environment condition in caving is dangerous,such as the reflectivity of the rock is very low, so the brightness must be high! Inside the cave would be wet, so general requirements for electric torch are good waterproof properties, also, the flashlight must durable and can withstand stone impact or drop.

8, EDC:

EDC means Every Day Carry, such general flashlight to a mini spare flashlight, it would be convenient to put in the pocket or backpack. In some emergency situations, this kind of little thing can help you a lot. EDC flashlight due to the limitation of size and battery, the general brightness will be lower. And the function is not too much. But,it is essential having a strobe function especially for the girls in an emergency situation.

In a word, a goodoutdoor led flashlight can not only make outdoor activities more exciting, at the same time is necessary to keep our safe for outdoor enthusiasts.

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