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What equipment is needed for outdoor sports

What equipment is needed for outdoor sports


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What equipment?

What you need to carry with you entirely depends on what kind of huts to visit. Select serviced self-catering will not have to think about supplies. Whatever what kind of cabins trips, you always need with clothing and equipment which covers all types of weather.

Although reports bad weather, maybe it can be sunny and vice versa. In the mountains, you have to be prepared for wind, snow and sleet, even in summer.As safety is invaluable throughout the year. GPS is nice to have, in addition to map and compass.

What food?

You only need food and drink for the day and some emergency provisions.Some people wear by dry food in bags, others choose fresh foods that probably taste better – but that’s much harder to bear.

How package right?

Always pack the heaviest items as close as possible back.In steep and rugged terrain, it pays to add gravity far down, because then it’s easier to keep your balance. Adjust the backpack so that you have a comfortable weight distribution between the shoulders and hips. Always make sure that the weight is evenly distributed laterally.

What you need along the way, should be at the top of the bag. Rainproof, either in waterproof bag from sporting goods or construction trash bag, possibly rain cover.

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