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Portable outdoor rechargeable led flashlight Maintenance Tips

Portable outdoor rechargeable led flashlight Maintenance Tips



Some consumers bought a high quality portable outdoor rechargeable led flashlight, but they don’t  pay attention to the maintenance, the results is shorten flashlight’s life. Tare care of your portable outdoor rechargeable flashlight it will server you for many years.

1 Do not shine towards to the eyes directly, so as to avoid damage to the eyes.

2.Voltage can nothigher than6V, positive electrode of the battery towards the front.The negative electrode of the battery towards the tail. Otherwise it will burn out the circuit board, pay attention to the change of your flashlight’s temperature. If you are not a professional Maintenance man, do not open the circuit board.

3.don’t put flashlight under the Or do not put it intothe high temperature environment.

4.When not using the flashlight, please remove the battery andplaced it in a cool dry place. don’t overcharge, or it may damage the battery life, charging time is about 3-5 hours.

5. clean the screw with a clean soft cloth once every 6 months and wipe a thin layer of lubricant. do not use the petroleum oil rub on the waterproof O- ring, otherwise it will corrode the O-ring.