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Check fluorescent agents in cosmetics products

Check fluorescent agents in cosmetics products


Use UV torch to check cosmetic, the fluorescent scared shit out of me. Ms Chan who living in Xiaoshan used to do face and back care at a Beauty club called ”Duofang”, and has costed 25,000 in there. At July this year, after test a new product, which says has whiten function within a short time, make younger 5 years.  Ms Chan ordered 40 times at once.

But at the second day, Ms Chan felt uncomfortable at face, thought allergy after eating crab. One of her friends said it may caused by fluorescent. Ms Chan was frightened after skin check.

Under the UV light, Ms Chan’s all face reflect blue light. Normal skin will not have reflect . Ms Chan got worried: her son just kissed her face.

Is this facial mask OK?

Is Fluorescent leading to cancer?

Old news

Estee Lauder Essential lighting?

Ms Chan bought a Estee Lauder from TaiWan, but she is confused her, the Essential will light up under UV light. Use UV flashlight you will see blue light!