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How to Get An Ideal Flashlight

How to Get An Ideal Flashlight


You want to buy a flashlight it? In the flashlight industry , you have two paths to choose from. First, walking into a store , pick up the first one you see beautifully packaged, design nice flashlight . Of course, this behavior for any one commodity will be considered a mistake! Typically in this case to buy back the torch will be forgotten in a drawer in the kitchen becomes “waste battery Collector” ; the other way , that is good to think about before you get your wallet out first , doing homework , then buy a real useful flashlight . This is one of the greatest extent mitigate future disappointment is to buy a can trust and use many, many years of flashlight approach.
The purpose of TANK007 small writing this article is to make an ordinary consumer to grasp some basic flashlight knowledge and understanding of some of the products as well as their strengths and weaknesses , of course , you also may have myriad options available in the market to feel dizzy. Purpose you intend to buy before you buy a lighting tool , you must first ask yourself: ” ? I bring it to what ” I certainly do not expect you to just answer ” to illuminate the dark ” like .I mean, you bring him to work as utensils, camping , diving, rescue , caving , or general household , and so on . It ‘s only the first specific purposes identified , you can know flashlight function is suitable for you, who just make you waste more $$ .For example , if your flashlight is only general household , then choose to use D -size alkaline batteries incandescent flashlight is wise , because its weight is not the main factor you have to consider , when not simply set aside a . If you are a backpacker , you may need to do a LED light source flashlight , because it ‘s the energy conversion efficiency is relatively high, so you do not have a lot of spare battery back up . As I explained a little bit different functions of the various flashlight , I will try to point out the strengths of these functions , hoping to make a point to help you buy a flashlight .Handheld flashlight or headlamp flashlight ( torch ) suitable for simple thing to do , but if you ‘re tent , no more competent than the headlights. As long as you do not care to look like a miner, you will never regret it. Not only is the tent can not use a hand , most of the daily work not use a hand is completed. I used to think the headlights are very stupid things, but often times a power outage changed my view. Now I always want to ensure that every member of the family will always have a cell filled with new headlights .
There are several bulbs can be used as a flashlight bulb on the market . Generally they are classified into the following three categories: incandescent type , LED ( light emitting diode) and fluorescent type . Heated filament incandescent bulb is close to the melting point of approach to the luminescence . Filament in charge will be issued when the foot is relatively strong light , but when the battery is less and less, the filament will be cold , the light it emits will be more yellow, and finally completely exterminate know . LED is the most direct to the battery ‘s chemical energy into light energy ( see the principle of high school chemistry ) . LED use in low-power energy conversion efficiency is very high, and when the battery is running out of power , its light will not slowly turn yellow , but has maintained its own color.Fluorescent bulbs are struck by the energy of the filament lamp on the fluorescent substance to produce such a surface light source softer , they are not able to be used as a point light source . Incandescent let us take a look at the preferred structure of incandescent bulbs . “PR group” flashlight bulb is the most common light bulb . They have a contact with a metal base , the base is a metal ring above ,
Xenon ( Xe , rare gases) light bulbs filled with xenon , krypton and halogen with , as it can help extend the life of the filament and produce more light . With other difference is that the xenon light produced pure white. Xenon bulb is probably you can buy with a flashlight in the general best incandescent bulbs .HID (High Intensity Discharge, high- intensity discharge ) lamps are used to heat the gas to produce light through the instant between the two poles of the discharge points . This light is very bright , usually seen in the luxury car headlight (white light) and military with lights on . ( By the way , if you see some of the lights of the light is very blue, or bluish green, then they just ordinary lights posted in front of a film , someone else’s expensive to install lights, What attitude ~) LED LED as a light source or flashlight recent thing, but they develop very quickly.They are usually more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs , the LED will be possible to use the 5-10 times longer than incandescent bulbs with time, and they do not beat or hit under ” explode .” LED life is very long , even in continuous use will not have a problem for thousands of hours , compared to an incandescent bulb might be broken after 5-20 hours of use . There are many different LED colors , basically every color in the spectrum LED are able to achieve , let us look at several major LED colors , have their role .
White: the human eye is the best color, other colors can be considered a ” special ” color , it does not get much recognition. In simple terms, any of the following colors are like a put things into a ” black and white two colors .” Red: to protect the night vision goggles , you can not let the photoreceptor ( eg film ) exposure. Amber: The eyes look very ” comfortable” , is a good monochromatic light.Green: do not let the military night vision overload and broken . Blue: correspondence Hunter is very easy to use , because the blood in this color will appear dark . Cyan : the brightest monochromatic light , a lot of people just think it looks nice and select it. Usually you will find the following three kinds of LED LED flashlight in your . 3 mm LED is small , and is mainly used in miniature flashlight inside . Because of their size relationship , the light they produce is minimal .5 mm LED is the most common LED, which has a long history in some special occasions , and now you can see their shadow in the mall selling flashlight inside . Luxeon LED is a large LED, they are a great fever , and now only a few manufacturers use it for a flashlight . This LED flashlight is becoming a traditional incandescent type of opponent.
The purpose of the reflector is to use reflective bowl like rays coming together around the divergence fired one direction. Reflector can be plastic or metal , as the choice of what kind of material , we should look at the torch itself fever size. Basically, there are two main reflector : smooth type and texture type . Smooth -type reflector type reflector suggests that it is smooth and shiny surface layer around the bulb.This enables the flashlight produces a very bright spot . If placed properly, smooth -type reflector can produce the most focused and projected furthest spot , but if the lamp placed too outside or too far , the black spots will appear in the center of the beam . Texture -type reflector texture type reflector looks from some small squares (commonly known as orange peel ) . This reflector is not able to produce as smooth type reflector so few spot , but it can be so that a relatively uniform distribution of light.Many “good points” flashlight , reflective textures bowls they use are type . Seal seal in order to allow a flashlight inside with the outside environment to isolate, let them work even more stable. The seal tightness , a flashlight after sealing process can be divided into : Weather waterproof , fully waterproof and submersible . If you want to use your flashlight in the boat , then be able to float on the water of course more suitable flashlight , so do not be afraid even if the water fall . Usually densely parts will be used in between the lens and the lens, between the torch head and body , and between the body and the tail cover.
Sealing member is an O- ring and gasket. O -ring O -ring is made ​​of rubber with a circle , to enable the torch body, the head and the tail cover seal more closely some . O -rings in the cylindrical barrel of the flashlight in very common , according to their size and elastic , O-rings can withstand high water pressure.

For consumers, the aim of your purchase you intend to purchase a lighting tool before , you must first ask yourself: ” ? I bring it to do ,” I certainly do not expect you to just answer ” to illuminate the dark ” and the like a . I mean, you bring him to work as utensils, camping , diving, rescue , caving , or general household , and so on .