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Tactical flashlight Appeared Latest movie “Black and White “

Tactical flashlight Appeared Latest movie “Black and White “


Latest movie “Black and White ” also appeared in the use of tactical flashlight in harsh environments. Recently i watched a movie called “Black and White–Dawn Rises” , I believe many people have seen it, which scene is very thrills and excitement and applied to a variety of tactical equipment , such as the inside of the Blackhawk tactical flashlight troops have the equipment , body armor , assault rifles and other equipment.

Lin plays ruffian Chen Zhen. They also use this tactical flashlight in tracing the perpetrators. Now let’s look at how Lin in the movie use the tactical flashlight with a pistol.

Inventor of wheat . Harris, a retired Marine, invented it  in the early 1970s. The method is tactical flashlight left hand , thumb control switch. This is the method most everyone film, television watching , but unfortunately not the most correct way . Why? The following will be introduced

In his left hand looks like a very appropriate for supporting , in fact, it has not much stability when shooting action . Because basically single hand with gun, pistol recoil will put his left hand down, not only affect the accuracy of continuous shooting , but also affect targeting time . But this action is not a non-standard , on the contrary , when taking the 70s  clumsy tactical flashlight, this position is still very reasonable. But today, more and more sophisticated tactical flashlight , then so is not reasonable.

Light is also lower than a length rays. Previous flashlight has not so strong light, so it is less noticeable.

This improved method over the grip is relatively stable, close to the left wrist turn right , left-right balance has played a role and the hands of armed action similar. Of course, this action should be practicing, or it is easy to point a flashlight and a pistol pointing imbalance.
The advantage of this grip is pointing are relatively high performance and stability . Hands division is also easy and convenient to explore the left hand , pushed open the door and other activities.