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Bicycle lights bring brightness when riding at night

Bicycle lights bring brightness when riding at night


Security articles brings super-bright night when riding a bicycle lights. Night riding is much more dangerous than riding during the day,  so the bike lighting and warning equipment is particularly important. Riders usually spend a great number of money on  upgrading the hardware of bicycles,  at the same time if you want to ride at nights safely, you’d better pay a little to improve the lighting and warning equipment !

Here’s one picture of flashlight.

To fix the flashlight on the bar of bicycle, a mount is essential. I have got two types of mounts. One can be rotated 180 degrees, no dead angle at all, but the rotating part is fixed by screws, there are times falling apart when riding in bumpy road. The other one is very stable, but it can not rotate.

Mount the flashlight on folding bike, and check the effect at nights.

This mount is too big to fix any flashlights, under their own DIY by cutting the tube section and set up. It’s now not only fixed well, but also non-slip.

Now, let’s have a look of the effect pictures during the nights. First from the short beam,

Here’s the effect of long beam,

We can also have a look of the light beam from the side.

Even without strobe mode or not coming from the opposite, so dazzling bright spot is also  enough to cause the attention of the truck drivers.

Although some riders say flashlights are all high spotlight, not good for bicycle lighting, actually, we will found the side light is quite enough to  light up the road.

Look at these two super bright LED flashlights! Climbing is not the first , the first is the brigh tness of the lights.

Therefore, flashlight is the perfect companion for your night riding!