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Flashlight is found in The inspiration of the game “Battlefield 3”

Flashlight is found in The inspiration of the game “Battlefield 3”


The inspiration of the game “Battlefield 3”: strengthen the role of the power light flashlight in the game. As the game fans we are surely concerned about these large shooting games? With the third generation of this game listed, the foreign media recently revealed the latest details information of the “battlefield 3”, including:

The game inspiration of the jump design is from the “mirror of the edge”;

The special apnea keys, in order to improve the pointing stability and accuracy;

You can use the power flashlight to jam the enemy’s sight;

Subway operation will be the biggest map, playground, park and the Metro station;

Battle of El Alamein map will return, its size is four times larger than the before one;

“Battlefield 3” this will be passd by the frostbite 2 engine, which is independent researched and developped by DICE studio, which supports DX11 and the integration of ANT technology of EA, so that it can provide the toppest graphic effects in the industry at present. The game’s story is set in 2014, game player will play USA Marines elite soldiers. They must go forward to including USA New York, France Paris and Iran Tehran’s battlefield around the global to take the special tasks. The battle will not only occur on the ground, it will also occur in the sea and the sky. They also have a similar super earthquake environment changes. PC version of the online population limit is 64, while the host version only a maximum of 24 people