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Why inferior LED flashlight May be damaged easily

Why inferior LED flashlight May be damaged easily


Reasons of the inferior LED flashlight will be damaged easily.As the unstable driver circuit of the poor quality LED flashlight(some non-circuit)and the blind pursuit of increased brightness, it will cause damage or aging LED. The details is as following:

1.Voltage instability. Quality imported IC circuit drives intelligent control, so that the output current and voltage stable;
2.LED light quality problems, poor quality LED flashlight using a B or C grade LED lights to reduce costs, the LED willappear with aging and darken soon ;
3:Heat dissipation, excellent quality aluminum LED flashlight use, heat is guaranteed;
4:Waterproof problems, poor flashlight with bad waterproof, water entered easy, causing damage to the circuit;
5:Production losses, the cottage factory can not provide a good working environment, result to static damage LED chip or caused  hidden damage