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What is the ultraviolet wavelengths?

What is the ultraviolet wavelengths?


Due to the wide range of ultraviolet wavelengths from 10nm to 400nm.
It is necessary to perform a more detailed classification.
As base on ultraviolet wavelengths’s optical characteristics to facilitate industrial applications.
At present, the international society and the domestic vertical industries have different classifications.
But we have made a more authoritative specification based on the standards of the lighting industry.

According to the classification of ISO-DIS-21348, ultraviolet wavelengths are divided into the following 10 categories:

Name Short Wavelength Energy
Long wave ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light A, or black lightUVA400–315nm3.10–3.94eV
 Short UltravioletNUV400–300nm3.10–4.13eV
Medium wave ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light BUVB315–280nm3.94–4.43eV
Shortwave ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light C, germicidal ultraviolet radiationUVC280–100nm4.43–12.4eV
Long ultravioletFUV200–122nm6.20–10.2eV
Vacuum UVVUV200–100nm6.20–12.4eV
Low-energy ultravioletLUV100–88nm12.4–14.1eV
High-energy ultravioletSUV150–10nm8.28–124eV
Extreme ultravioletEUV121–10nm10.2–124eV