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Ultraviolet energy

Ultraviolet energy


We know that the shorter the wavelength of the ultraviolet photon, the greater the ultraviolet energy.
The more likely it is that photochemical reactions will occur, and to produce new substances. To achieve And more forms of ultraviolet energy conversion.
For the application of ultraviolet energy, we need to analyze the photon ultraviolet energy of different wavelengths of ultraviolet light.
(for products, we need to pay attention to the two key indicators of peak wavelength and half-wave width).
But also need to analyze the characteristics of different substances and the environment.
The influence of factors, such as the curing of cationic systems. We need to confirm the most suitable excitation photoinitiator wavelength.
And analyze the best radiation dose to solve the problem of oxygen inhibition. And to ensure the speed and effect of curing.

As stated above, we now understand the optical properties of ultraviolet rays. But TANK007 research on ultraviolet rays is far more than that.
Any interest, feel free to contact us for further discussions.