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Use A Flashlight To Identify Jade Quality

Use A Flashlight To Identify Jade Quality


Identification of jade we will assist all kinds of instruments to measure, but in addition to these scientific instrument identification, which we use in our daily life can also be used for the identification of jade. Use a flashlight to different light, different angles and ways of irradiation can identify true and false jadequality, here to introduce to you.

First, the surface will be flashlight near jade, observe the internal texture andmuddy thickness, if the surface bright flashlight irradiation Hetian jade, then there will be light, and the light beam is very clear focus. But if the irradiation ismarble or glass and quartz rocks, light is a hybrid, scattering. In addition, the flashlight around the jade translation, can through the uniformity of the light transmittance of jade is uniform.

Secondly, use the flashlight can clearly observe the density and particle size of jade is exquisite, the flashlight alignment side of jade no leather were irradiated, if between jade a few centimeters is a 45 angle irradiation, so you can continue to move to observe the flatulent structure jade carving,exquisite degree judging jade


Finally, the usual method is to use a flashlight to see jade internal impurities and tuft split case. The flashlight alignment jade, see its whether impurities,black spots and lock in the situation, according to the different light will be refracted different reactions.