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According to jade flashlight to teach you how to discern the stand or fall of jade

According to jade flashlight to teach you how to discern the stand or fall of jade


Since the flashlight invention, the function of the flashlight is more and more, with the increasing improvement of life, is growing in demand. In China have an industry – bet on the jade, the flashlight is the most commonly used tool identification of jade, is also very important, you know how to use a flashlight to see jade?
So far, the brand flashlight TANK007 developed specifically for gambling jade industry professional jade flashlight series.Let’s use as jade flashlight to identify the physical demonstration for you.

Direct light flashlight on the surface of hetian jade, hetian jade in the transmission of light, and light rhyme is relatively concentrated, direct and rhyme in the quartzite, marble, glass products were relatively astigmatism.
Second, the direct flashlight slowly translation, can identify jade texture structure is uniform.Flashlight translation, jade pervious to light quality of uniform structure and uniform, transparent uneven, jade structure uniformity is not good.
Three, jade identification as jade slice flashlight is of hetian jade quality of a material particle degree of the thickness and density is an important means.
Identification with photo alignment of hetian jade jade torch a surface (as far as possible to illuminate no leather side) of the parallel surface, a 45 ° Angle and distance of hetian jade surface between 3 and 10 centimeters or so light, also can slowly move the single point to parallel or far or near it is advisable to see flocculent structure, multiple point light, or identification of the hetian jade jade’s abundance of grain and smooth thick.
Four, according to the jade jade identification flashlight back shot is whether the identification of hetian jade has hidden impurities or tear.