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Ultraviolet Light’s Affect in biological System

Ultraviolet Light’s Affect in biological System


Energy-saving lamps of uv light have radiation on biological?What is the reaction on biological in the violet light irradiation of the flashlight?Flashlight  is popular in the market as low energy consumption of energy conservation and environmental protection products.Common ultraviolet mainly comes from the sun in our life, after constant research and exploration,we found that uv can have effective sterilization effect, also can be to treat skin disease and medical category such as rickets.we Can say there is no lack most is the ultraviolet ray in the nature, so this can be seen everywhere in the ultraviolet ray just what are the biological effect to human body?

The beam from a flashlight purple light rays
“State university of New York researchers through experiment find that the flashlight energy-saving light bulbs has stronger uv radiation than ordinary light bulbs.  Skin cells were seriously injured The energy-saving lamps of radiation, however skin cells influenced by the ordinary lamp radiation are healthy. This radiation could harm human skin cells and may even cause cancer.”
uv flashlight  will produce ultraviolet light at work. Fluorescent paint can avoid the ultraviolet radiation leaks, however, as referred to in the study of the beginning, ultraviolet ray cannot be absorbed completely, there are always some cracks will barely visible from the fluorescent paint coating tiny crack in the leaked. How much impact does the small amount of leaked  ultraviolet (uv)  on health?

1. Close range, purple light flashlight the ultraviolet (uv) is made by ordinary incandescent lamp; But in the distance dropped sharply after more than 20 — 30 cm, 50 cm after almost undetectable.
2. A greater difference between different brands of purple light flashlight ultraviolet (uv) radiation;
3. Purple light flashlight release of ultraviolet to UVB is, also have a lot of UVA and UVC.
4. Double shell is single-layer shell can obviously reduce the uv radiation;
5. For people with photosensitivity dermatosis or light aggravate disease does heighten the risk, but no threat to the general population than traditional incandescent bulbs.
Purple light flashlight to biological changes
In exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays in the human body or organisms will affect on a series of physiological changes. The influence of ultraviolet light of different wavelengths to the human body physiology is different, usually black uv band between 320-400 nm, while the band erythema ultraviolet rays or care for 280 ~ 320 nm band.

The changes of biological after irradiated by UV flashlight:
The human or the biological will have a series of physiological changes after irradiated by ultraviolet irradiation, and the different wavelength has different physiological influence on human. Usually, the black spot ultraviolet band between 320-400 nm, while the red spot ultraviolet or Care ray are for 280-320 nm.
Health care function:
The ultraviolet has a lot health care functions on human beings, the skin of human beings will have photochemical effect after irradiated by 280—320nm ultraviolet irradiation. It will have effective health care efficacy on human by making skin product a lot of active substance. It is the usual biological effect of the ultraviolet and it is benefit to human’s healthy. However, the experts also remind people should avoid under ultraviolet light in a long time, or it is likely to suffer from cancer.
What should we to do?
Although the UV flashlight has ultraviolet radiation, it can be accepted by most people, we should not be worried too much. If you are still worry about it, there are some methods as following:
1.    Make sure the LED is safe and tell yourself be easy:
2.    Buy the UV flashlights from the formal manufacturer, never buy the the unqualified products because of its low price.
3.    Choose the LED with double shell, at least 20 centimeters distance far away from your eyes, and the exposure time should be controlled less than 8 hours.
4.    You can use sunscreen indoor if you really can’t understand the ultraviolet irradiation.
5.    You’d better to choose the traditional incandescent lamp or LED lamp for the photosensitive skin diseases or light aggravated sexual disease patients

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