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Students Stationery That contains Fluorescent Agents Can Do Harm to Children

Students Stationery That contains Fluorescent Agents Can Do Harm to Children


It is harmful to the children’s health when they used students stationery contain fluorescent agent to cause serious damage, UV Flashlight help you to authenticate fluorescent agent.
Stationeries have been a hot sale goods with the schools reopen. How do the parents choose the right and healthy stationery for their children when they face these various products?

The notebook with the fluorescent agent is harmful to children’s health, it is wrong thought that whiter is better of the notebook.

Nowadays, the notebook is whiter and whiter even with fragrance. As the television reported, the reporter of Liaoning News buys six normal kinds of notebooks in the market, the experts authenticate five fluorescent agents with the UV flashlight. As the experts said, the diphenyl structure of the fluorescent agent is poisonous, people should avoid touching them.

The reporter in the television news interviewed many parents, most of the parents pay more attention on the price and appearance of the notebooks while ignore the safety and environmental protection.

It is danger to children’s vision and skin by the fluorescent whitening agent, especially the immature and weakened immune systems primary school student.
Whiter paper is more dangerous with the reason that it has a lot poisonous fluorescent agent. On the contrary, the notebooks with yellow paper is more more environmental and it is better to protect the children’s health.

Will the eye-care notebooks prevent the short-sighted?
There are so many functional kinds of the notebooks, even with the function with the “eye care”, but will the notebooks prevent short-sighted? The reporter found the eye expects and get a answer that.”Relative to the white paper, the yellow paper is more comfortable to students’ eyes, it is the meaning of the eye-care notebook.”
It is impossible that the “eye-care” notebook can prevent short-sighted. It can release the incentive to the eyes, but not means that it can prevent the short-sighted.

Romantic stationery containing heavy metal content, it can affect the health of children, we should use it carefully
The pencil case and a variety of eraser and other stationery for very bright also do all kinds of children like cartoon characters in many stores which next to the primary school and the middle school stationery store,.Such stationery is very popular with the students, especially the rubber with smell is more popular with the students.

Some colorful stationery used pigment may contain harmful substances, such as lead, benzene .They contain a lot heavy metal, once the child touch them for a long-term can cause adverse reactions. In addition, the chemical composition in the correction fluid is harmful to human body, the students had better not use them.
The parents should purchase the healthy stationery, it is important to take care children’s physical health when they are little .You can use the UV flashlights to identify the fluorescent agent of notebooks and all kinds of clothing. TANK007 suggests that parents should to avoid choosing the books or notebooks with white papers especially it is very white when they under the natural light.