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Knowledge Sharing—Applications Of Ultraviolet Flashlights

Knowledge Sharing—Applications Of Ultraviolet Flashlights


Ultraviolet flashlights are characteristic products of tank007 and tank007 are so proud of them. With the development of society, a variety of fake and shoddy products, making it difficult to distinguish them between authentic and the fakes only with the naked eye. TANK007 has more than 16 ultraviolet flashlights that are essential tools in the fight against terrorism, fraud and forgery. These powerful and reliable ultraviolet flashlights can help you detect counterfeit documents and forged collections. TANK007 UV flashlight, let the illegal act clear in a flash.

In Chinese, TANK007 it the first one began to develop Ultraviolet flashlights, and now tank007 is in the leading position in this field in China.

With increasingly sophisticated means of fraud and more intelligent, counterfeiters are getting smarter, government agencies have begun to use some ways to create fraudulent-resistant documents .One of the most effective ways is to imprint hidden ink or Anti fake label or mark that is extremely difficult to copy and is only detectable by using uv flashlights.Some countries have been using this technology on the driver’s license, credit card, passport currency and checks.tank007 Ultraviolet Flashlights

The applications fields of UV flashlight include:

1.Detection of forged documents

When you shine a TANK007 Ultraviolet flashlight on a document that with hidden graphics or symbol, you’ll see the “invisible” graphics or symbols. If no image appears, you will know immediately that the document is fraudulent.

2.Criminal detection

TANK007 ultraviolet flashlights are also used on traces detection by police or as a  forensic medicine  tool to detect the presence of proteins or blood at crime scenes . TANK007ultraviolet flashlights are essential powerful tools in the fight against terrorism, fraud and forgery.tank007Ultraviolet Flashlights

3.Detection of a lots of things

You can use a TANK007 ultraviolet flashlight to detect your collections or treasures,to see if the antique is inject with glue. You can also check whether there is fluorescent agent in skin care products like facial mask whit a UV02  365 nm 1W Penlight. In addition, you can use it to see for sure if the car is leaking.tank007 Ultraviolet Flashlights

tank007 Ultraviolet Flashlights