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6 core technologies of TANK007—- a high-end brand you are worthy to have it

6 core technologies of TANK007—- a high-end brand you are worthy to have it


Brand value and product functions, which one you choose for a led flashlight?Here we show you  respectfully some core technologies of TANK007 that may be usefull to you.

When consumers choose flashlight brands they usually make the most common mistakes. They mostly will not hesitate to choose a brand by advertising. But the truth is, the current advertising exaggerated the psychological value of the brand, and reduced the practical value of the products. for me ,In lots of flashlight brands, I only love TANK007–a  high-end brand focus on flashlight production for over ten years.

Some girls have countless money she will choose Dior. But in this kind of electronic products  like led flashlight, you should be wise to choose a practical product, rather than listen to the advertisement.

Many well-known brand of flashlights, is not so attractive. You will find that spent a few years found that it is not worthy for that price, without a lot of practical functions like self defense or SOS. This kind of thing, like you have an old, famous mobile phone, just can make a phone call, can’t surf the Internet and watch the video. After comparison, I prefer the humble brand TANK007 of led flashlight. Tank007 not only has the core technology, but also has a beautiful appearance.

1.Patented tank007 focusing system. TANK007 takes full account of the requirements of focused beam for long-distance that human eyes can see, and homegenous spill-beam efficiency for close range lighting, by adjust the reflector and lens.

In this technology Tank007’s engineers have fully considered both the beam distance and brightness,and taking into account the battery capacity, then achieve the most perfect you can see,if it is too far, even you can illuminate the object, you can not see the object clearly.

tank007 TK736 flashlight

tank007 tk6736 flashlight

2. Intelligent power management technology, it provide constant brightness,even the battery is almost exhausted and to maximize the use time. If you use tank007’s battery and its circuit board , you will be able to use this technology.

3. Tail with magnetic function. It is easy to absorb small iron objects. Thanks to the magnet in the tail,TANK007 TC18 can easily be fixed when users need to repair vehicles, machines, elevator, etc.

tank007 TC18 rechargeable flashlight

tank007 tc18 rechargeable flashlight

4. Patented stainless steel rotary switch, in my opinion, In convenience, this function is ten times of the touch switch.Tank007 TR01 have this very valuable function.

TR01 tank007 torch flashlight

5. High end appearance design. You can find what a total genius the tank007’s engineers are. Look at the fluorescent ring in TC18 you will love it absolutely .in addition, it can be a power to charge your mobile phone. TC07 is another amazing thing. Its head using high-quality 304# stainless steel give you a elegant appearance and the enjoyment of high-end.

tank007 tc07 flashlight

tank007 tc07 flashlight


6. The world’s first metal waterproof charging port, excellent waterproof function. After saw countless world brand flashlight, have not found this function in the other brand.