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The Trip to Xichong of the TANK007

The Trip to Xichong of the TANK007


Dear Valuable Tank007 customer, thank you for your kindly support and accompany with Tank007 all the time, here we would like to share our outdoor activities with you.
Tank007 big family were organized for two days trip in Xichong on the east coast in Shenzhen, is a nice place for camping, we would like to enjoy work, enjoy life.
At half past eight in 16th. August, TANK007 family get together in company downstairs collection, reached to Xichong by bus with sang all the way.
Xichong with shenzhen’s long high standard sand, the cleanest seas, the fascinating beach pastoral scenery, lush trees, clear lakes, abrupt rock;Here with a 5.1 km long beach, is the longest, dapeng peninsula sandy the best one;A thrilling coastal and rural landscape;Northern mountains, streams and lush vegetation;Region distribution have eight fishing village, there are many ancient dwellings and well-preserved…
Yangmei pit is the most beautiful and the most leisure longest coastline in shenzhen, riding a bicycle, let the mood, “step is not a bicycle, is happy.

Pose for a group photo at yangmei pit, Xichong:

After lunch, have nap in car, we arrived our destination-Xichong beach, took picture first:

Today, we are no longer stay at home type, no longer “bed man” or “Madame Curie”, we want to shine metamorphosis, pick up your weapons, release your energy. Let TANK007 employees experience a no smoke but stimulation battle together.

Although two teams fight fierce, the black team failed because of outnumbered, blue team, led by manufacturers, win.
Lover island, The shenzhen east of a piece of land in Xichong, also called “Lai Shizhou – lover island, is a paradise on earth, have the laudatory title of shenzhen Shangri-la. After the CS reality field,  beginning to take lover island tourism.

Barbecue time

In the evening barbecue useTANK007 outdoor flashlight illumination

In the evening, we had some small activities. All around together with TANK007 outdoor flashlight to illuminate the whole beach, play some small game, everybody had a good time.
Use a tank007 to read the newspaper in a tent at night and files, illuminating the tent.

    TANK007 family watching the sunrise

After breakfast, we left beach Also went to dapeng ancient city and geological museum,then finish the two days journey.

Although a little tired, we still look forward next trip, you like our Activities? Come to Join US!