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Aid workers rescued ludian hills earthquake With the help of the flashlight

Aid workers rescued ludian hills earthquake With the help of the flashlight


With the help of the flashlight,aid workers rescued ludian hills earthquake survivors. As a kind of new energy, especially in the quake-hit areas ,the role of the flashlight is not to be ignored.Leading ludian hills are the worst affected by the earthquake in the villages and towns, the local a large number of houses collapsed badly cracked. Last night, reporters arrived at leading hills, the town has not been restored.

Transshipment is given priority to ensure that the wounded rescue vehicles.A large amount of relief workers carried,hoisted onto their shoulder or in the car for the rescue tools and materials,walking more than 10 kilometers into the worst-hit areas.Rescuers with a flashlight searched for survivors in the rubble.

In LuDian county on the way leading to the hills, a large number of villagers were heading to the disaster area.White-haired Hou Xingtian carried a large bag food, although tired, he still walked forward firmly.Hearing about hometown earthquake,he head home yesterday night from Kunming.

With the direction to the disaster area,landslides increased along the road. There are even vehicles knocked by stone.From Longquan middle school about two kilometers, because the earthquake triggered huge landslides,roads were completely blocked and a large number of stones and earth even rolled into the river.Several staff tells a reporter, now the biggest difficulty is blocked roads, “the wounded cound’t come out and materials would’t go there.”

The earthquake pain continues the valley town.In the edge of the narrow valley near the mountain, side of the house was badly damaged, many homes or even completely collapse. Merchants on one side of the canal are all closed, the whole town filled with a sadness.The villagers whose legs or head injury bandage are everywhere.