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The purpose and principle of laser rechargeable led flashlight

The purpose and principle of laser rechargeable led flashlight


The main feature of the laser rechargeable led flashlight is that it has excellent concentrating performance and a range of 1200m~1500m. It is widely used for teaching, tour guides and entertainment. After testing, it can be used as a long-range protective alert and remote control to transmit data.
The laser rechargeable led flashlight is similar to the general flashlight type, volume and power. The light it emits belongs to the laser range. It is mainly used to project a concentrated point or use a laser line to focus on an object. However, laser flashlights cannot be used in art galleries, museums, libraries, zoos, etc., and it may cause damage to some of the objects or animals inside. This should be taken care of. Of course, the most important point is that you must not illuminate the eyes of people. But if you want to experiment with your own eyes, then it’s another matter.

Laser rechargeable led flashlight function:

1, for help. In the wild mountaineering lost direction, mountaineering trapped, trapped in the wild, etc., you can use the laser torch to send a signal for help.
2. Observe the starry sky. The laser torch is capable of emitting a green laser line. When you point to the sky, you can know the position of the stars. When you look at the stars at night, it will look very beautiful.
3. Use underground. In some mines and underground buildings, due to the dark light, the constructor can easily access the dangerous place, and the laser torch can provide light to avoid approaching the dangerous area.

Laser rechargeable led flashlight Note:

1. Avoid direct skin and flammable products;
2. Do not use in environments above 35 degrees and below zero to avoid accelerated laser aging;
3. If it is not used for a long time, be sure to take out the battery and place the laser in an anti-static and moisture-proof place;
4, continuous use time should not exceed 2 minutes in winter, not more than 1 minute in summer to prevent rapid aging;
5, special attention: the laser is harmful to the human eye, please do not direct to the human eye, please keep away from children to avoid accidents.

Laser rechargeable led flashlight principle:

The laser rechargeable led flashlight is different from the general laser pointer and the star pen. Its outer casing is similar to an ordinary flashlight. It is bulky and usually has a relatively large power. It is a pen-type transmitter that is designed to be a portable, hand-friendly, laser module (diode). Common laser indicators are red light (650-660 nm), green light (532 nm), blue light (445-450 nm), and blue-violet light (405 nm). It is usually used by newspapers, teaching, and tour guides to cast a light spot or a light pointing object, but it may damage or affect the place of the guide, such as art galleries (some paintings are afraid of light), zoos, etc. Not suitable for use.

Laser rechargeable led flashlight belongs to semiconductor laser. It is different from laser pen because its volume is easier to dissipate heat. Laser module is directly connected with aluminum flashlight casing. Q-Line fiber-optic semiconductor laser rechargeable led flashlight touch, general flashlight module The part is relatively thicker, as shown below, the heat dissipation is better, so the stability is better than the laser pen (the laser pen is a copper casing)! The power of the laser rechargeable led flashlight is generally from 5mw to several hundred milliwatts, some Laser rechargeable led flashlight (such as blue laser rechargeable led flashlight) power up to 1w; at the same time part of the laser rechargeable led flashlight also has adjustable focus function, the laser beam is strong and clear, the range is far, most of them are using rechargeable lithium battery (such as The 18650 model rechargeable battery) has a safety lock and is named after a flashlight.